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TikToker’s mom gave birth to 3rd triplet 4 years after delivering her sisters: ‘I still get random shivers sometimes’

A woman’s unique birth story has TikTokers around the world scratching their heads — and marveling at modern science.

Shelby (@maximumstrengthpepto) gained over 16 million views, 2.9 million likes and 22,000 comments when she told the story of her parents’ unusual IVF journey.

We’ve seen medical wonders go viral before — like the mom who began growing her son’s teeth and hair inside her uterus two years after his birth — but the birth story of Shelby and her siblings is shocking TikTokers in a whole new way.

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Shelby begins her story with the popular TikTok prompt “Put a finger down if…” Taken from the game “Never Have I Ever,” the trend is a creative way for people to recall their distinctive — and usually wholly unrelatable — life experiences.

And in the case of Shelby’s birth story, there probably won’t be many other TikTokers able to put their fingers down with her.

According to Shelby, in the 1980s her parents turned to IVF to help them conceive, resulting in the creation of around nine embryos. But since the couple wasn’t interested in giving birth to nonuplets, they decided to implant only half of the embryos.

Thus, in 1990, the couple gave birth to twin girls. Four years later, they decided to unfreeze the second batch of embryos — but doctors felt this “would never work,” since the embryos had been frozen for so long.

However, despite the doctors’ doubt, the implantation worked, resulting in the birth of Shelby — the third of the triplets, born four years after her sisters.

“So, really, me and my sisters are fraternal triplets that are separated by four years, because we were all conceived at the same time in 1990. I was just, like, frozen on the planet for four years,” Shelby explained before putting her finger down and ending the video.

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‘That’s some “Star Trek” stuff’

Millions of TikTokers were mystified by the story of Shelby and her triplet sisters.

“Now that’s mind-blowing,” one user wrote.

“So you’re actually older than you are now? Sounds so much like ‘Futurama’ type stuff, lol,” one user joked.

“That’s some ‘Star Trek’ stuff,” another sci-fi fan wrote.

“As an IVF mumma, this doesn’t trip me out as much as other people… I love it!” commented another user.

Hopefully, science will only continue to make incredible improvements and advancements, so that couples everywhere can bring new life into the world.

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