TikToker makes ‘super cute’ DIY pillar stand for $1

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This viral DIY pillar stand only costs $1 to make and goes perfectly in any bathroom.

TikToker Sara wanted to revamp her bathroom vanity area after her wooden pillar got water damaged from being near the sink. She opted to use some cheap dishware to create a new, more durable one.

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Sara bought a black plastic bowl and plate for 50 cents each at Target. She glued the bottom of the bowl to the bottom of the plate using E6000 glue.

Next, Sara placed the newly made pillar stand with the rim of the bowl facing down. Finally, she placed something heavy on top and let it dry overnight.

“Now I have this super cute pillar stand next to my sink that’s going to withstand soap and water. And it only cost me $1,” Sara said.

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The hack received 16.3 million views and 1.7 million likes on TikTok.

“I got obsessed and made every color of these!” someone commented.

“I just bought a bunch of these tonight. Thanks for sharing. I got to do this,” a user replied.

“I love those bowls/plates! I have them in pink!” someone wrote.

“I literally have all three of those items randomly in my home. Looks like a DIY day tomorrow, thanks,” a person said.

“I just did pots for plants, but I painted them. I’m so doing this!” a TikToker added.

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