TikToker explains point-blank why you shouldn't eat icicles

A meteorologist on TikTok generated over 13 million views for her explanation as to why you shouldn’t eat icicles —. a trend she noticed cropping up on the social media platform. “Please don’t do that,” Nickolaou says in her TikTok, referring to a clip of an anonymous user snacking on an icicle. “When icicles form it’s from water that melts off of your roof and runs down the side of the building”. “You know what else is on your roof? Bird poop. A lot of it — and that water picks it up and freezes it in the ice,” she concludes in the video. The overall sentiment in the comments section was: “Is that supposed to stop us?”. “I like how this changed NO ONE’S opinion,” one person joked. “And it’s seasoned? Say less,” another added