TikToker dumbfounded after discovering her ‘most compatible’ match on Hinge: ‘This is my worst fear’

A 21-year-old woman is going viral after sharing her suggested “most compatible” match on Hinge.

The woman, named Aliah (@mentallyillbaddy), shared the clip on TikTok in late June. Her post, which now has almost 1 million views, shows who the dating app considered her most likely person to match with — her brother.

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In the video, Aliah showed her brother’s profile, along with the app’s suggestion that they should meet. Both siblings looked on, struggling to contain their laughter.

“When ur brother is ur most compatible on hinge,” Aliah wrote.

As Hinge’s website explains, the “most compatible” suggestion is used for people the app’s algorithm sees as a “particularly good fit” for its users.

“We use an advanced machine learning approach to understand your preferences over time, based on the types of Likes you send and receive,” the company says.

Often the suggestion goes two ways, meaning users will be listed as each other’s most compatible matches.

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That was the case with Aliah and her brother. She proceeded to film her brother as he opened his own Hinge app. His top suggestion, of course, was Aliah.

TikTok users largely found the situation hilarious, as Aliah seemed to. However, many also complained that the app doesn’t have a workaround.

“I feel like they should have an option to declare someone a family member to avoid this because my friend got her DAD,” one user wrote.

“This is my worst fear omg,” another added.

“As soon as my brother said he had tinder I ran to delete mine,” another commented.

Dating app issues have long been a source of viral content on TikTok.

Earlier this year, a TikToker got all kinds of praise for the way she called out her Hinge match’s “one-sided” communication style. Before that, a woman complained about her nightmare date, who asked her to “repay” him for a single coffee.

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