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Man terrifies TikTok with chilling 'past life' story: 'This cannot be real'

Thanks to a recurring dream he keeps having, a TikTok user thinks he might have died of smallpox in a past life.

User Robert Tolppi shared that he’s been having a recurring dream — or nightmare, really — in which he is dying and his skin is on fire.

“When I wake up, I’m all sweaty and the number A-14Z29 just sticks in my head for some reason,” he said.

A quick Google search turned up no results for A-14Z29. However, when Tolppi reached out to his friend, who happens to be an art conservator, she explained that the number “sounds like a portrait tag.”

Well, it seems like the number really was a portrait tag. When Tolppi’s friend ran it through her system, she found a portrait of a guy who died of smallpox 500 years ago — and he happens to look a lot like the TikToker.

Is Tolppi’s subconscious trying to tell him that he died of smallpox in a past life? The creator seems to think so, as he used the hashtags #pastlife and #timetravel in the caption of his video. Many other users are also convinced that he must have been reincarnated — and because of this, they are terrified.

“Not this literally scaring me this can’t be real,” one person said.

“The chills. The chills up and down my body,” another added.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME I’m about to go to sleep and I’m scared,” a third wrote.

There are some skeptics out there, however. In the comments, some people noted that it’s possible that Tolppi could have used an app like AI Portraits to make a picture of himself look like it was a portrait from 500 years ago.

“You really had me up until the portrait,” one person said.

“Looks highly detailed and fresh in [color] for being 500 years old,” another skeptic added.

So what do you think: Has Tolppi unlocked some hidden memories, or has he just done a good job tricking TikTok?

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