TikToker shares embarrassing moment with headphone volume: 'I thought I looked hot and mysterious'

If your headphone volume is above 70%, people can hear your music — at least according to one TikToker.

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When 22-year-old @lauren_el_lee revealed that she was unknowingly blasting the Encanto soundtrack through her headphones, people could relate. The influencer claimed that if you crank up your headphone volume a bit too high, everyone will be able to hear what you’re listening to, no matter how embarrassing.

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“Just found out that if your headphone volume is past 70%, people can hear your music,” she wrote. “Now I’m thinking of all the times I thought I looked hot and mysterious in public, but people could hear me listening to Encanto.

When someone in the comment section asked if this rule applied to earbuds, Lauren clarified that “it does for the ones with wires, but I don’t think so for AirPods.”

People could definitely relate to her feelings, but not everyone was as concerned about strangers hearing their “guilty pleasure” tunes.

“I’m so worried about other people hearing my music that I play it so low that I can hardly hear it myself,” someone said.

“I’m not even embarrassed. I want people to know I listen to The Muppets soundtrack on repeat,” a person wrote.

“If they’re listening to my music, let them be cleansed because my music taste is astounding,” a user commented.

According to Switch and Click, open-backed wired headphones leak sound up to 20 feet away at around 75% volume. But closed-back headphones only emit a faint whisper from 5 feet away and are barely perceptible from 20 feet.

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