TikToker causes international turmoil over breakfast recipe

an American TikTok user living in the U.K. named Michelle who goes by jchelle36 on the platform, is back with a new horrifying twist on a classic English breakfast.Beans on toast is exactly what it says it is.The basic dish is traditionally made with two slices of toasted, buttered bread, topped with hot baked beans. It’s simple, cheap and allows for some improvising.“Everyone is requesting that I make a traditional British breakfast,” Michelle says in her TikTok intro. “So today we’re going to make beans on toast”.Michelle places a plain, untoasted piece of white bread onto a plate and then pours cold baked beans straight from the can, right on top.After unwrapping a slice of cheese and placing it on top of the mess, she puts everything in the microwave for an undetermined amount of time.“That’s how you make beans on toast,” Michelle smiles, holding up a disaster breakfast.As with Michelle’s other videos, the comments section is filled with outraged TikTok users .both Americans denouncing her for her cooking skills and Brits rioting against the defunct recipe.A lot of users asked whether Michelle was just trolling everyone after her videos gained traction from news outlets.“I think it was just ignorance until this video. Now it’s on purpose,” a TikToker pointed out

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