TikToker backtracks after claiming he grilled a steak on a Delta flight

A comedian from New York is feeling the heat after he uploaded an unconventional cooking tutorial on TikTok.

Marcus Monroe recorded a video where he was “grilling” a steak over a fire he set in the toilet of a Delta airplane amid a flight. The next scene shows him carrying a plated steak back to his seat in the cabin of the aircraft.

“They don’t have hot meals anymore on airplanes so… I come up with a solution,” Monroe reportedly wrote in the caption. The video has since been deleted, but screenshots were picked up by other outlets.

Credit: marcusjmonroe / TikTok
Credit: marcusjmonroe / TikTok
Credit: marcusjmonroe / TikTok
Credit: marcusjmonroe / TikTok

“Ain’t no way…1 that’s an ERJ. 2 The FA would’ve noticed and smelled it 3 The pilots would’ve known there was a fire in the toilet because they have sensors. That plane was still on the ground and they did this just for likes,” one person tweeted.

“He needs to be banned from flying!?!?” another added. “This is so dangerous!!!!”

After backlash on both Twitter and TikTok, Monroe claimed that the entire scene was staged and was just a prank.

“I sincerely regret the confusion and difficulty caused by the original bathroom video, which I’ve removed,” Monroe said in a since-deleted tweet. “As a comedian, I intended only to make people laugh, but I recognize that I went about it the wrong way. As this video shows, the illusion was created by a lighting effect.”

Delta also commented on the incident and said that the video was “no joke” to the airline.

“Our teams investigated the situation and have been in contact with the customer,” a spokesperson for Delta told Fox News. “Fortunately, the video is fabricated and the customer has removed the video. Appearing to go around safety regulations on board aircraft is no joke to us.”

Southwest Airlines apparently got in on the drama too and retweeted the video with the caption “We have no words. Other than please don’t even think about cooking a steak on one of our flights.” Southwest has since deleted the tweet.

This is not the first time Monroe has dealt with backlash over a staged prank on a plane. In another TikTok he uploaded in mid-November, Monroe filmed himself cutting the hair of a passenger sitting in front of him because it was blocking his TV. “She’ll think twice now,” he wrote in the caption.

Several commenters pointed out that the “hair” looked too fake to be real and couldn’t get over that Monroe had gotten scissors passed TSA.

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