TikTok cancels once-beloved movie heartthrob over cringey behavior: 'Literally so embarassing'

In the spirit of the recent pseudo-cancellations of the once-beloved Matthew Morrison and Lin-Manuel Miranda, there is a new villain TikTok users are making fun of: Noah Centineo.

He doesn’t have that same musical try-hard energy that Miranda and Morrison have, nor have any members of the bunch done anything to truly merit a full cancellation. They’ve simply begun to wear on the nerves of social media users. But why has Centineo fallen from grace?

The male lead of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie trilogy, which just released its final installment on Feb. 12, was the heartthrob of the moment and the “internet’s boyfriend” when the first film came out.

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He was heralded as the internet’s boyfriend for a few years, skyrocketing to fame and scoring a number of major roles while his co-star, the charming Lana Condor, did not receive the same welcome.

“Still wondering why Lana Condor hasn’t received any major work in Hollywood yet after carrying the #ToAllTheBoys trilogy on her back with her charm and charisma, while Noah Centineo has been tied to BLACK ADAM, HE-MAN, the ‘GameStop’ movie, etc etc etc,” one Twitter user questioned.

“We know why,” film writer Rebecca Theodore-Vachon wrote in her now-viral response.

“WOC have to work much harder than others to get the same,” a Twitter user responded, spelling out what Rebecca Theodore-Vachon implied in her post.

Condor isn’t entirely unsuccessful, though — she has a number of projects underway. She’s certainly not to blame for the internet’s distaste for Centineo, either, though some say he has the fame she deserves.

For most of 2018, merely the name of Centineo’s now-iconic character, Peter Kavinsky, was swoon-worthy. Now, it inspires disgust.

“You wanna get over them? Imagine them as Peter Kavinsky,” one TikTok user wrote before showing footage of Centineo shamelessly dancing.

“Y’all used to be in love with him I ain’t forget,” one commenter wrote.

“He’s literally so embarrassing I can’t rn,” another said.

Until the second To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie, “P.S. I Still Love You,” Kavinsky was the romantic ideal: popular, loving, attentive. Condor’s character, Lara Jean Covey, was head over heels for him — until his prom-king-level popularity started interfering with the way Kavinsky and others treated her.

That’s when he started to fall out of the internet’s good graces and warrant “disturbing content” warnings on TikTok, just as Miranda and Morrison did before him.

As previously stated, Centineo started scooping up more projects after his breakthrough — many of which, like Swiped and SPF-18, were panned as “degrading” and “a whole bunch of nothing.”

Without his chemistry with Condor — and with all eyes on him — Centineo’s personal life then came under scrutiny.

One Twitter user said his “fake deep f***boy energy” rubs her the wrong way. He also came under fire for being “fake deep” for his acceptance speech after winning the People’s Choice Award for Best Comedy Movie Star of 2019.

“It matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done for others,” he said, leaving the audience puzzled.

“When he opens his mouth stupid things come out and it’s hard to think he’s hot after that,” one Twitter user wrote.

Writer Kelsey Barnes said she doesn’t hate Centineo, but he reminds her of a “walking meme” whose “bro energy” and “sensitive boi energy” are at odds.

A viral clip of him asking for a sexual favor while walking through a public place has ruined his wholesome Peter Kavinsky image in many of his former fan’s minds.

There were also wild rumors that he ran off to Las Vegas and married Stassie Karanikolaou, an influencer best known for her friendship with Kylie Jenner, elevating him from the level of beloved fictional character to Kardashian-level tabloid fodder.

Whether or not you enjoy his work, Centineo is here to stay. His IMDb page is stacked with upcoming projects. Just don’t expect TikTokers to enjoy them.

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