These TikTok Videos Of A Kid Thanking His Mom For Food Will Bring You Instant Joy

Kelly Allen

From Women's Health

It’s always important to say "thank you," and a two-year-old TikTok star already has that habit nailed down. A mom on the platform shares videos of her son saying “thank you, mama” every time she hands him food, and they’re beyond joyful to watch.

On the TikTok account @greyandmama, you can find videos featuring the kid–aka the "ceo of 'thank you, mama'"–being handed food by his mother (who runs the page). There’s a compilation video that shows the kid thanking his mom for a diverse range of foods including strawberry milk, tacos, salad, noodles, and a small charcuterie board. The way he says "thank you" paired with the look on his face of pure excitement is borderline magical.

In the mom’s other videos, you can see her son's individual reactions to foods, like a donut or a plate of olives and pickles. There's even one where he gets a plate of peaches from his aunt in which he almost can not handle the extreme delight and says “thank you, auntie” three times and “happy!”

People praise the kid and the food he receives in the comments. “I would die for your son just saying,” one person commented. “That food look fire tho, I would say thank you too,” another wrote. Apart from the immense cuteness and good-looking food, TikTok users pointed out how stylish the kid is.

If you’re ever in a bad mood, watching these videos will instantly cheer you up–trust.

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