TikTok users are sharing the baby blankets they still sleep with every night

Several adult social media users are going

viral after sharing the items they’ve been

sleeping with since they were babies.

The trend, which began on TikTok

with a user named coreyxnathaniel

has spawned a massive online debate — .

with some calling the videos “nasty” while

others have found them extremely relatable.

Each clip follows a similar format, with users

— many of whom are in their early to mid-20s —

revealing their decades-old baby blankets.

Many of the clips left the internet deeply

divided over whether sleeping with a

baby blanket is gross or comforting.

“You may as well go sleep with the spiders in

the corner,” one commenter wrote. “LMAO I

THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE,” another wrote.

One TikTok user named twigstrem, who is 22, shared the plush,

“baby development toy” she’s slept with since childhood. “His

name is Friend don’t come for me,” the user captioned her video.

“I think friend may need to go to

the hospital,” one commenter joked.

for many TikTok users, the videos gave

them a chance to find solidarity in something

they’d previously been embarrassed by.

“I expected this to flop but even tho its a little embarrassing

to still have Friend, it’s nice knowing ppl my age still find

comfort in their bby toys,” twigstrem commented on her clip

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