Fast food customer baffles TikTok with ‘disgusting’ homemade creation: ‘How did you think of this?’

Dillon Thompson
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A TikTok user is stirring chaos online after sharing their at-home fast food recipe.

The meal, shared by the popular food account Grubspot, is a combination of two infamous fast food items. The recipe combines a Chick-fil-A sandwich with Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme, and the end result has social media deeply divided.

Some users called the combo “disgusting” while others praised it as drool-inducing. Reactions aside, there’s certainly a lot going on in this recipe.

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Grubspot’s home chef starts by ordering a Chick-fil-A sandwich patty, an order of waffle fries and a side of the chain’s mac and cheese. The cook then spreads the macaroni onto a tortilla before adding fries and hot sauce.

Next, the TikToker adds a taco shell, the entire chicken breast and plenty of sauce on top. Finally, they add another tortilla, fold the massive thing up and slap it on the stove.

The end result is basically an elevated — and jam-packed — version of the Crunchwrap Supreme. However, not all TikTok users found the recipe appealing.

“How to have 3 days worth of calories in one meal,” one user wrote.

“This is a big no for me,” another added.

“How did you think of this?” another asked.

Other users said that the recipe defeats the “point” of fast food, as it adds extra work to the equation.

“Or you could just eat it how they have it,” one user wrote.

“Nahhh this is doing too much,” another added.

Many commenters were absolutely obsessed though, writing that they’d love to get their hands on a “Chick-fil-A Crunchwrap.”

“OMG I so want one,” one user wrote.

“Who else was drooling during this,” another asked.

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