TikTok users aghast after mom puts a stop to her son's proposal

Mother-in-law horror stories have taken the internet by storm lately, . and one woman seems to be getting a bit of a head start by interfering with her son's marriage before it began. TikTok user @catdaddan, whose name is Dan, captured the moment his mother yelled "no" repeatedly as he was about to propose to his girlfriend. “My dad didn’t know what to do, so he just kept recording,” Dan wrote in the caption of the post, which now has more than 9 million views. Dan prepares to get down on one knee as his girlfriend stands on an elevated surface overlooking a gorgeous view of hills and fields in the footage. "My mom put a stop to it," he wrote in the video. Commenters called out both mother and son. "Your mom put a stop to it? What are you, a child?" another wrote. Others praised the girlfriend for avoiding a nasty situation. “She got lucky then. Who wants to marry someone that lets mom pick out their wife?” one user wrote. She wasn't too lucky, though, because Dan revealed in a follow-up video that he didn't propose at that exact moment "for obvious reasons," but they did ultimately get engaged. In another video, Dan showed his mother the viral post, and she laughed hysterically — perhaps hinting that she was in on the joke or that they look back on the incident and laugh. "This is just so sad. I hope you seek therapy," a user responded