TikTok user sparks chaos after revealing the ‘real’ way to use an airplane pillow

A TikTok user is sparking controversy online after sharing the “real” way to use a neck pillow on an airplane. In a recent trend on the app, users have been sharing the info they wish they knew before hitting their 30s. With airplane travel surging nationwide, this response from user @sidneyraz was especially relevant. In his clip, the TikToker shared the supposedly real way to wear a neck pillow. The video is centered on a simple claim. Neck pillows, which many travelers place behind their necks, are apparently designed to go in front instead. From there, the TikToker proceeds to show how, with the pillow flipped around, he can rest his neck forward. “You can actually sleep on a flight,” @sidneyraz captioned his video. TikTok users had plenty of thoughts about the claim, which some travel experts swear by. Many were impressed by the idea. “This is probably why I have always found them uncomfortable,” one user wrote. “My life has been a lie,” another added. “MIND BLOWN,” another wrote. Others were more skeptical, arguing that neck pillows don’t work very well regardless. Still, whatever the “real” way to use a neck pillow is, it’s probably not better than sleeping in an actual bed