TikTok user shares list of strange, 'day-ruining' fun facts

A young woman is going viral on TikTok after sharing a list of strange, completely true facts.The user, Lexi Slaven, shared the lesser-known info in a series of rapid-fire videos.which have received millions of views in total.One of Slaven’s facts: Astronauts can’t cry in space.Another strange one: Lighters were invented before matches.Some of Slaven’s facts prove less mind-blowing, however.For example, she claims in one video that cheese is “actually terrible” for mice.That’s actually false, although it is true that the tiny rodents enjoy cheese a lot less than we might think.Another disproven “fact” is Slaven’s claim that doctors are the “most likely” people to become serial killers.It is transient jobs like aircraft mechanic and shoemaker that appeal to murderers most

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