TikTok user horrified by ‘scary’ phenomenon with her oil diffuser

A young woman is baffling the internet with her “scary” cloudy diffuser TikTok. The video, posted by user @_beep_boopxd, appears to show some sort of optical illusion, but others are calling it a “glitch in the matrix”. In the clip, @_beep_boopxd explains that her diffuser, in the corner of the room, is turned on, but doesn’t appear to be emitting any oil. However, when @_beep_boopxd looks in her mirror, she can clearly see the oil coming out. “I literally can’t make this s*** up,” she says. Her video shows a view of the diffuser in her mirror, where there is clearly white steam coming out of the gadget. Many TikTok users were just as creeped out as she was. “I’m scared,” one user wrote. “WAIT WHAT,” another reacted. “At this point y’all are reaching to try to explain this … it makes more sense that we’re living in a simulation,” another added. Meanwhile, others tried to explain the spooky phenomenon. “The light is coming from the front of the diffuser, which is why it shows up in the mirror,” one commenter hypothesized