TikTok user captures 'terrifying' parking lot encounter on camera

On July 18, a young woman named Renee uploaded a video of the eerie experience to the platform.Renee was sitting in her car, eating a burger and jamming out to Foreigner when a mysterious man started to approach her car.The stranger walks in the direction of Renee’s car, spits on the ground near the car and starts to walk away.However, after some thought, he turns around and looks like he’s about to approach Renee when he spots her phone recording a video.That’s when he turns around and walks away for good.According to her caption, Renee “didn’t see [the man]” until she watched her video later.“Tiktok may have just saved a life lmao he saw u recording and dipped,” one person said.Other people think the man was simply going to check on Renee, seeing as she was blasting “depressing music” in a fast food parking lot

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