TikTok can’t get over the ‘concerning’ way Kendall Jenner cuts cucumbers: ‘That was painful to watch’

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A video of Kendall Jenner cutting a cucumber has TikTok users absolutely losing their minds.

The clip originally aired in the latest episode of The Kardashians but has since spiraled into endless analyses, breakdowns and tough questions.

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All of the chaos centers on one simple question: Has Kendall Jenner ever cut a cucumber before?

In the past week, clips like the one above, from user Jess Lucero (@jessthereporter), have become about as common as Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial content.

The video begins with Kendall and her mom, Kris Jenner, chatting in the kitchen.

“Do you want the chef to make you a snack?” Kris asks her daughter.

Kendall, however, pushes back against the idea, saying she can make the snack herself. As she announces that she’s going to chop up a cucumber, Kris chimes in with an encouraging (or perfectly sarcastic?) “You go girl.”

And then the confusion begins. Kendall appears to cut the cucumber cross-armed, with her left hand supporting the vegetable as her right hand makes thin, tentative slices. The video has even inspired some TikTokers to try the method themselves.

Microanalyzing the habits and quirks of the Kardashian clan is nothing new. In fact, it’s now one of the internet’s oldest, most reliable pastimes.

Recently, Kendall also faced backlash for the dress she wore to one of her friends’ weddings as well as a myriad of alleged Photoshop fails.

The cucumber incident was no different, with TikTokers and Twitter users analyzing every single element of the video.

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“If this is real, I’m concerned,” one user wrote.

“This was painful to watch,” another agreed.

“Are you telling me rich people don’t chop their own vegetables?” another joked.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s sister Kylie has actually earned quite a bit of praise for her own cooking skills. In 2021 alone, the 24-year-old went viral on TikTok with her recipes for avocado toast, ramen noodles and a unique, cereal-coated French toast.

It is worth noting that Kendall, 26, is an accomplished model, entrepreneur and influencer with an estimated net worth of $45 million. And in all honesty, who wouldn’t trade their cucumber-cutting skills for that much success?

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