What is a TikTok ‘sleepfluencer,’ and how much money can they make?

A TikTok “sleepfluencer” makes thousands without getting out of bed.

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Jakey Boehm hails from Australia and has nearly 450,000 TikTok followers. The 28-year-old sleepfluencer records himself while he’s asleep so that fans can wake up. Sleep streamers have been making content on places like Twitch and Instagram for years, but Boehm has made his slumber interactive for his fans.

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What is a sleepfluencer?

Sleepfluencers generally live stream themselves while they sleep. Most sleep with phones next to their beds with the expectation that followers will send gifts and create community. Some sleepfluencers do so to promote the idea that rest and sleep are healthy.

“Sleeping and napping is a very relatable everyday thing that we all do. Number one, for me, as a ‘Sleep-influencer’ is making people realize that sleep and rest and chilling out is not lazy or selfish. It’s actually something that you really need and is really beneficial,” luxury sleepfluencer Alex Shannon told Edge.

In 2019, Shannon claimed she earned £44,000 in 18 months sleeping at luxury hotels.

Who is Jakey Boehm?

The TikToker is known for gamifying his sleep streams. He uses a script he developed that scans live chats for words. If a user says the correct word, it will trigger a funny noise to wake him up.

Sometimes it sounds like an FBI agent busting through the door or Barney’s theme song. He also uses TikTok Gifts so that when a fan sends him a gift, it triggers the alarm as well.

Boehm is one of the top 50 streamers on TikTok and the top 30 in Australia. According to Business Insider, he earned around $34,000 in May alone.

“It’s seriously life-changing money. The first week I made about $5,000 dollars,” Boehm told Business Insider.

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