This TikTok Shows How To Turn White Claw Cans Into Drink Coasters

Kelly Allen

From House Beautiful

It’s only fitting that you put your White Claw on a drink coaster that truly encompasses its essence, and now you can thanks to a TikToker who shared a video that shows how to turn White Claw cans into coasters. Yes, you can match your Claw to your coaster down to the very flavor.

TikToker @kreativelykelly shared a number of steps to make these masterpieces. To start, you have to cut the top and bottom of the can off. Before you go any further, wash them to remove any stickiness. Then use a wooden circle, cut the can to the shape of it, and glue the two together. Cut off any rogue edges. Sand the sides a bit so they’re not sharp. Next, paint the side and bottom of the wood and add resin to the top. For the finishing touch, glue a circular piece of cork to the bottom.

People are hyped about these coasters in the comments. “Sell these on Etsy, I want to buy them,” one person wrote. Others agreed, saying they’re too lazy to go through all of the steps and would rather buy them from the creator. More TikTok users chimed in to say it’s a great way to recycle.

The creator does sell her work on Instagram, but she’s unfortunately sold out of the White Claw coasters already. A lot of her other work features mesmerizing videos of beach-themed art made with resin. If you want to make your own White Claw coasters, or anything else really, you can check out the supplies she uses on her Amazon page.

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