This TikTok Shows How To Make A Single Peanut Butter Cup In A Few Simple Steps

Kelly Allen
·1 min read

From Delish

Among the top worst feelings to have, I’d say, is the craving for a peanut butter cup but not having immediate access to one. Thankfully, there’s a TikTok that shows how to whip up a makeshift one in the microwave to ensure you never have to go without the treat again.

TikToker @bakingenvy shared the recipe that will literally change lives. To make it, grab a mug and fill it with two spoonfuls of peanut butter. Microwave that for 15 seconds, and then add one spoonful of powdered sugar. Once you have that all mixed up and flattened, add two spoonfuls of chocolate chips on top. Try to evenly coat the top of the peanut butter base with them. Microwave that for a minute and 30 seconds. Spread the melted chocolate. When it looks nice, place the mug in the freezer for 15 minutes, and you’ll have yourself one large, homemade peanut butter cup.

People in the comments are all about this treat and shared tweaks they made. “I love these but I melted the chocolate chips separately, then poured on top,” one person wrote. That’s not a bad idea! Another person suggested making a reverse peanut butter cup by having the chocolate on the bottom and peanut butter on top. You do you, peanut-butter-cup-loving folks. FYI, some people did say a minute and 30 seconds was way too long, and that in some cases, their chocolate was torched. Modify the timing at your own discretion, please and thank you!

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