TikTok shames first-time mom for her 12 ‘insane’ delivery day rules: ‘Please tell me this is a joke’

A soon-to-be mom shared the rules she and her husband devised for their daughter’s delivery day — and TikTokers have very strong feelings about the couple’s expectations.

First-time mom Taylor Davis (@taylorhkdavis) was 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby girl when she uploaded the rules to TikTok — and since then, she’s gained over 670,000 views and nearly 4,000 comments.

Now, much like the 25-year-old bride whose rule for children at her wedding shocked invited guests, Taylor’s stance is causing controversy in the comments section.

But while some TikTokers felt Taylor’s rules were totally over-the-top, others argued that her newborn boundaries are completely reasonable — and, in fact, very healthy.

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Taylor begins her video by admitting that, being first-time parents, she and her husband John decided to be “a little bit extra” with their delivery day rules.

She then walks viewers through her 12 rules, which she’d written out in a Note entitled “2319!!” — a reference to the emergency code from the Pixar film Monsters Inc. Here are her rules:

  1. If we tell you I am in labor, do not announce baby’s arrival or post that I am in labor until I have posted. Also, please do not inform other people unless asked as we are not wanting to be bombarded with texts.

  2. When we tell you we are in labor, we will send updates but will not be responding to requests for updates outside of what we are sending out (so that both John and Taylor can focus on the birth).

  3. Do not post pictures of baby until we do, and we ask that everyone receives permission from us before posting photos of her.

  4. We will not be having visitors at the hospital.

  5. We will not be having visitors at home until we are ready.

  6. If you disagree with a choice (medical or otherwise) that we are making for our child or Taylor, we do not want to hear about it.

  7. No kissing baby allowed, and (COVID-dependent) masks required.

  8. We will not be allowing unvaccinated people around baby.

  9. Don’t ask to hold the baby. We will offer when we feel comfortable.

  10. If she starts to cry while you are holding her, immediately hand her back to Taylor/John.

  11. If Taylor and baby or just baby are in the nursery and the door is closed, do not enter or knock for any reason.

  12. If you are planning on visiting and start feeling sick in any way, please reschedule. We promise to make sure you get to see baby, but her health is priority.

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“I am literally shocked by [these] comments…”

Online strangers didn’t hold back in expressing their very strong feelings about Taylor and John’s rules.

“You must be a hoot at parties,” one user wrote.

“Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke,” another user commented.

“If I received this list, I would no longer be congratulating you on your baby or sending you a gift,” wrote another.

“This is laughable! Wait until you have the second kid!” another user exclaimed.

But many other TikTokers felt that Taylor’s rules were completely reasonable. In fact, many parents expressed regret that they themselves hadn’t established such rules for their own deliveries.

“These comments go to show why this list is necessary. What seems like common courtesy to some isn’t for others. Congratulations, and stay safe!” wrote one user.

“Hoping everyone respects your (very reasonable) boundaries! It’s about mom, dad and baby. Not others’ entitlement,” commented another.

“I am literally shocked by [these] comments. These are all super reasonable and healthy boundaries. Good job, momma!!” lauded one user.

“People think you having a baby has more to do with their comfort than yours. Do not move your boundaries for others. This is all VERY reasonable,” another user commented.

“I wish I had done this when my children were born. Our relatives walked all over us, and I was too weak and tired to do anything about it. Very smart,” wrote another.

Taylor, now 37 weeks pregnant, seems to have taken the ugly comments in stride and is standing firm in her position. Her baby girl is due March 17 — and hopefully, when delivery day comes, everyone will fully respect Mom and Dad’s wishes.

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