Woman's disturbing bedroom prank has people shocked: ‘Why would you waste all that'

Kelsey Weekman
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Like so many TikTok pranksters before her, user leah.thomp has gone above and beyond what is expected to provide her followers with some truly astounding content.

The user shared a video of a trail of Goldfish crackers through the hallway leading up to the door of her friend’s room. The trail is pretty complex — long and winding with multiple layers of little fish crackers — but what’s behind the door is truly a sight to behold.

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The Goldfish trail continues into the bedroom, where they completely cover the bed, the floor and every other visible surface.

They’re not just strewn about, either — they’re artfully arranged. It seems like the makings of a supervillain origin story.

Commenters were divided. Some were honestly quite impressed by the prank.

“It’s the dedication for me,” one user wrote.

“Now that’s commitment,” another said.

Others thought it was a little too evil.

“Ants have entered the chat,” one wrote.

“Why would you waste all that cheesy goodness? ” another said.

If only we could see the friend’s reaction.

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