Tiktok parents swear by this brilliantly easy toddler activity: ‘She has been doing this for 15 minutes straight in complete silence’

Keeping toddlers entertained can be tough, but this TikTok parent discovered a brilliantly simple activity to keep her little one entertained!

Crissy (@imcrissyrodriguez) is a parent and TikToker who shares entertaining videos of herself and her toddler daughter, Luca. Like many parents of toddlers, it can be hard for Crissy to keep Luca entertained. That’s why Crissy was so surprised recently when she stumbled upon a shockingly simple activity that kept Luca entertained for 15 minutes straight!

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In the video, Crissy shows how she gave Luca two boxes and a handful of toys, and simply let the toddler move toys from one box to the other!

The video begins with a shot of Luca wearing polka dotted pajamas and standing on a step stool. Luca leans against a kitchen counter, her back to the camera, and seems fully immersed in the activity she is participating in.

A caption reads, “My husband Googled ‘things to do with toddlers’ and they suggested giving them two boxes and then some stuff to put in each one.”

In front of Luca, on the countertop, sit two boxes. Luca picks up one box, which is full of small toys, and begins rummaging through it. Then, she selects a plastic piece of toy bread and places it in the second box.

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Then, Luca continues rummaging in the first box, looking for another toy. Finally, she selects a toy sausage and moves it to the second box.

“No joke, she has been doing this for 15 minutes straight,” a caption reads. “10/10 would recommend.”

The video ends as Luca continues looking through the boxes, trying to select the next toy to move.

Viewers applauded the simple toddler activity and shared their own activity suggestions!

Colander and pipe cleaners kept a kid I watched entertained for 20 minutes,” one viewer suggested.

“I gave my niece a bowl and a spatula. She cooked for hours. She would add her own toys and things over and over,” another viewer recalled.

“I’m a Montessori teacher and this is like many ‘works’ we have on the shelves for them to do. This is big neurological work they are completing,” wrote another viewer.

While Crissy’s activity might not seem too exciting to adults, it certainly seems to be a hit with Crissy’s toddler!

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