TikTok Is Obsessed With Le Creuset, So I Guess We’re Adulting Now

Alicia Kort
·1 min read

In the adulting plot twist I never saw coming, TikTok users are absolutely obsessed with the colored-enamel cookware from Le Creuset. The French brand has been around since 1925, but they’re getting an unexpected boost from cuspers, and we’re tempted to give cooking a go purely for the sake of justifying buying some.

Why is TikTok so obsessed with this cookware? We can’t say for sure how the fascination started, but users are raving about the cast-iron cookware line’s practicality as well as aesthetic. Suddenly, everyone is aspiring to a kitchen with a whole range of Le Creuset. There’s even a self-proclaimed “Le Creuset girl,” who creates entire mood boards around specific Le Creuset colors. Just wait until you see the new deep teal and cosmos collections....

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