TikTok is obsessed with this 'insane' Ace Hardware-McDonald's

Need a hammer and a burger? Just stop at the Ace Hardware-McDonald’s. Photos of a McDonald’s in Washington, D.C., have emerged on TikTok, leading users to call it one of the most “insane” businesses they’ve ever seen. The strange, multi-function building was shared in a video by a user named Ellie. Her clip, which has nearly 400,000 views, seems to use photos from a Twitter post by the account Nonstandard McDonald’s. Nonstandard McDonald’s, which frequently shares photos of the chain’s strangest locations, posted images of the Ace Hardware on Nov. 20. The images quickly took Twitter by storm, but sadly, the Ace Hardware-McDonald’s isn’t as much of an oddity as it seems. Updated Google images show that the storefront, which is in D.C.’s Woodley Park neighborhood, actually features two separate entrances. As some Twitter users pointed out, it appears that the dual entrance only exists for those entering from the backdoor. Users on Twitter and TikTok shared both shock and praise for the one-time combination. “The most American place of all time,” a Twitter user commented