TikTok's #momhacks is a game changer for new moms

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This mom hack will have you baby wearin’ in no time. (Source: Amazon)
This mom hack will have you baby wearin’ in no time. (Source: Amazon)

TikTok is becoming a mom’s best friend with its #momhacks hashtag. We’re loving the variety of videos ranging from quick and easy dinner recipes to cute and fun-packed lunch ideas and DIY finger paint for toddlers. We just can't get enough! We’ve especially got our eye on @bailss.craig’s TikTok showing off how she puts on her Boba Baby Carrier Wrap, and we’re even more excited to see that this No.1 best-selling baby wrap is currently on sale on Amazon for over 10% off!

Keep your baby close wherever you go

This wrap comes in one size and includes ‘no-guess’ tying instructions. (Source: Amazon)
This wrap comes in one size and includes ‘no-guess’ tying instructions. (Source: Amazon)

$39.95 $44.99 at Amazon

This award-winning Boba Baby Carrier Wrap is the #1 best seller on Amazon in child carrier slings for a reason. This carrier keeps babies right where you want them – close to your heart! The wrap mimics the environment of the womb, making it the go-to carrier for the first three months of parenthood. Made of 95% cotton and just a hint of spandex, this soft and stretchy carrier wrap’s machine-washable fabric leaves no worries about keeping it clean if the baby has an accident or produces a bit of spit up. Benefits for your baby of wearing this wrap include better sleep patterns, less crying, regulated heart rate and body temperature, and it’s even been found to relieve colic and reduce gas.

As you can see from this viral TikTok, this momma was able to fully wrap herself and her baby with the Boba Baby Carrier Wrap in less than a minute. Boba’s wrap is both easy to tie and easy to breastfeed in. The reason why this wrap cradles babies so well is that it uses ergonomic weight distribution, and every single time you tie this carrier on with your baby tucked in, you are creating a custom seat unique to your baby and your baby only. To top it off, holding your baby in this wrap counts as tummy time! The Boba Baby Carrier Wrap is a true win for parents everywhere.

Every parent wants the best for their little one, so there’s nothing we buy without checking the ratings and seeing what other parents have to say. This baby carrier wrap scores a 4.5-stars rating on Amazon with over 20,000 raters. If that close-to-perfect rating isn’t enough to sell you on this lifesaving wrap, then this mom’s honest review surely will:

“My 2 month old loves this wrap and I take him everywhere in it; the grocery store, baseball games, around the house, etc. It's helped so much during his fussy times, we cannot live without it.”

Keep your baby close

It seems like any parent who gets their hands on the Boba Baby Carrier Wrap quickly feels like they can’t live without it. Order the #1 baby-carrying wrap from Amazon before this sale goes away for good!

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