TikTok mom’s method for keeping her kids out of the fridge has viewers divided: ‘Tell me it’s a joke’

TeThis mom on TikTok shared a video describing how she prevents her kids from unnecessary snacking by taping plastic spiders to the refrigerator, and the method has viewers divided.

TikToker Eunice Roudebush (@eunicerowdy) is a parent and content creator who often shares clips about food, family, and fashion. In one of Roudebush’s videos, she shows how she keeps her kids from raiding the fridge by taping plastic spiders to the doors and interior, and viewers have some strong opinions about this parenting hack.

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The clip begins with a shot of the family’s refrigerator. “This is how I keep my toddler out of the fridge,” Roudebush explains as the camera zooms in to show a black plastic spider taped to one of the handles.

Evidently, one fake spider isn’t enough to keep Roudebush’s kid away from the fridge. In the closing shot, she opens the two main refrigerator doors to reveal another plastic spider, taped to the middle of the bottom interior shelf.

While Roudebush’s parenting trick was intended to be light-hearted, the reaction amongst viewers was split.

“I mean, this is so funny, but you’re probably creating mad trauma and arachnophobia. Tell me it’s a joke,” one user said.

“Why do we have to make kids afraid of spiders and afraid to get into the fridge? Lol, I don’t get it,” questioned one TikToker.

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“Today’s lesson is on how to take advantage of my child’s severe arachnophobia. Step 1,” one viewer commented.

Others came to Roudebush’s defense, and some parents even confessed to using similar tactics with their children.

“Not all these Karens in the comments saying ‘If they are hungry, feed them.’ WE DO! But sometimes, they touch things they are not meant to [touch],” one parent declared.

“OMG, we have [had] a plastic spider on our Christmas tree every year since my youngest was a toddler for this reason,” shared another parent.

Everyone has a different approach to parenting. Accordingly, what works for one child might not work for other kids, and that’s okay!

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