TikTok Made Me Do It: 4 Fashion DIYs I Found and Tested

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Let me preface this story by saying that I have been obsessed with crafting since I was a little kid. My parents took me on weekly trips to the craft store, and my bedroom was often covered in glitter and beads. (They weren't too happy about the mess.) But as life moved forward and I started facing more adult responsibilities with college and eventually my full-time job, I put the hobby on the back burner. But as I scrolled through TikTok recently and saw a plethora of fashion DIYs make their way onto my feed, I knew I had to pull out my crafty hands once again.

In today's society, we've been convinced that everything needs to have an end-all purpose that serves others in materialistic ways. Hobbies should become side hustles, and if you're creating something, it should either be sold for money or shared to Instagram for likes. I'm not here to say don't start that small business idea from your hobby or share what you do. I respect everyone's hustle. But what I am trying to say is that sometimes it's okay to take part in something simply because it's relaxing and it brings joy, not because you need to be an expert at it or to make it a business. The four projects below brought me relaxation from my busy week and brought an upgrade to my fashion game at the same time.

Phone Charm

What do you need?

Pick out a selection of your favorite beads and firm string. Yup, that's it.

How do you make it?

To view the TikTok I watched for inspiration, click here. I simply added beads onto the string in the pattern I wanted, tied the strings together, and secured the knot around my phone case through the hole designated for the ring/silent switch.

Final thoughts:

This had to be my favorite DIY, simply because of how much joy the charm brings me whenever I take a look at my phone or take a mirror-selfie. I also forgot how therapeutic beading was, so I'd recommend it.

FunzBo Jewelry Making Kit ($10)

Shapenty Round Pearls Beads ($6)

BP DIY Beaded Kit ($15)

Wildflower Bear-Y Cute Case ($35)

Dye-ing Everything Brown

What do you need?

Any pieces of clothing in a lighter color and brown fabric dye. (Rit dye is my favorite.)

How do you do it?

To view the TikTok I used for inspiration, click here. I added the dye into a bucket of hot water and soaked the desired clothing item for 30 minutes. I then rinsed it under cold water until the water turned clear and then put it into my washing machine. Dry and then you have some new trendy brown clothing items!

Final thoughts:

I saw this one pretty often on my TikTok feed and I'm upset I didn't think of it before. I've had this white denim jacket for a while that I haven't even touched, but now that it's in a more neutral shade of light brown I'll 100% be wearing it more often. If you're looking to upcycle your old clothing items that have been collecting dust, I'd recommend this. (You could even swap brown for any other dye of your choosing!)

Rit DyeMore Liquid Dye ($4)

Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye ($9)

Dylon Machine Dye Pod Espresso Brown ($17)

Clay Rings

What do you need?

Polymer clay, clear nail polish, baking sheet, and parchment paper. If you want to snazz up the rings, feel free to purchase gems, pearls, or additional embellishments.

How do you do it?

To view the TikTok I watched for inspiration, click here. It's a pretty free-for-all experience, I simply shaped the clay to my preferences, measuring around my fingers, and then baked it according to the clay packet's instructions. After the rings were done, I coated them in clear nail polish (a clay varnish would probably last longer) to give them a nice sheen.

Final thoughts:

If you're a perfectionist like me, this DIY might be a little tricky because clay is hard to get perfect unless you're a professional. I opted for neutral colors so I'd get more wear out of them, and while they all may not have come out as perfect as I wanted them to be, I'm still happy with the end-product. If you're looking to join in on the chunky ring trend without spending a ton of money, this is the DIY for you.

Bearals Polymer Clay Set ($20)

Sculpey Oven Bake Clay ($2)

Sally Hansen Clear'd for Takeoff Nail Polish ($5)

Custom Tote Bag

What do you need?

A plain tote bag (or any type of item you want to customize). For the iron-on process, I used my Cricut Maker and Heat Transfer Vinyl sheets. If you're an avid crafter, I'd highly recommend looking into the Cricut machine series, because it's my favorite thing to use for all kinds of DIY projects. However, if you're just looking for a one-time way to try out a craft, Fabric Iron-on sheets can work, too.

How do you do it?

To view the TikTok I used for inspiration, click here. Since I used my Cricut Maker, I designed the text I wanted using Cricut's Design Space and then used the machine to cut out the lettering. After the lettering was cut, I used my heat press to seal the lettering onto my tote bag.

Final thoughts

I always see cute merch items online and while I make those purchases often, why not customize my own if I can? This could work for a tote bag, an old T-shirt, or even a face mask. Some people have even turned this craft into a business, so it's something I'd recommend trying out. (I know I'll be using my Cricut to customizing a variety of things soon.)

CVNDKN Reusable Large Canvas Tote Bags (Set of 2) ($10)

Cricut Maker ($329)

Cricut Joy Machine ($178)

Cricut Iron On Vinyl ($14)

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