Bizarre 'adult TikTok house' tour dumbfounds Twitter: 'The worst thing I've ever seen'

Collective influencer homes are nothing new. Our2ndLife was arguably the first collab house established in 2014, where a group of YouTubers lived together in what they called the 02L Mansion. Soon after, almost all of the top Vine (RIP) talent moved into an apartment complex at 1600 Vine Street.

YouTube mansions began to pop up all over Los Angeles — including Jake Paul’s Team 10 and David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad in Studio City — which then inspired the rising number of TikTok houses.

Most of the inhabitants of these collab houses are in their late teens, early 20s and the members operate the homes as a business to further generate traffic to the group channel and individual accounts.

Now, enter Honey House. The Honey House is a self-described “adult TikTok house” and is made up of four couples. It’s a relatively new group — having only been formed on August 10 — and already has roughly 390,000 followers, who watch the couples perform exercise routines and complete challenges.

J.T. Barnett, a 28-year-old Honey House member, filmed a behind-the-scenes look at what everyone’s job is in the Honey House in response to a commenter asking what they did besides viral challenges.

Director Jack Wagner shared the clip on Twitter with the caption “sincerely the worst thing ive ever seen,” thus unintentionally revealing to the world that an “adult TikTok house” exists.

The jobs vary within the Honey House, but highlights include Dio, who was on a very animated FaceTime call possibly “talking to brands,” according to Barrett’s narration; Erin, an “e-comm wizard” who inexplicably has a tri-fold mirror placed around her laptop; and Jared, a fitness trainer whose natural habitat appears to be lifting a weight with one hand and eating a taco with the other all while reading a script.

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According to other TikToks posted on the Honey House’s page, the group is split into “Honeys” (girls) and “Homies” (boys) for certain competitions. One of the group’s most popular videos to date is of each member trying not to flinch while a car’s trunk door opens in front of them — clocking in at almost 9 million views.

One of the many issues people found with the video is the house’s lack of diversity. One person on Twitter captured a screenshot of the Honey House TikTok account saying that they do actually have POC member, although none of the current uploaded TikToks feature anyone outside of the four white couples.

I guess they just go to a different school TikTok house?

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