TikTok user shares unexpected hack that could save you £££ on your weekly shop

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Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 89% of adults in the UK reported an increase in their cost of living in July 2022, with 75% of adults reporting that they are worried about the rise. And it's no wonder that there's so much concern about money at the moment, as the ONS also found that 44% of adults who pay energy bills found it difficult to afford them.

The cost of living crisis – caused by a rise in outgoings (like food, energy bills and rent) combined with salaries being frozen – has been branded a "national emergency" by charities. They are urging the government to do more to help those with a low-income who will be impacted the most. Although the government has pledged to provide £1200 to each of the most vulnerable households in the UK, there is still a long way to go.

With that in mind, whilst the means to bring the cost of living crisis to an end isn't in our hands, there are small money saving changes we can make that can help ease the pinch over the next few weeks, months and years – or until things settle down again.

TikTok hacks to lower the price of your food shop

Avoid pre-packed food

If you often find yourself picking up a pack of three onions, then you might want to reconsider as some TikTokers have found opting for loose fruit and veg can save you money.

Keep an eye out for price reductions

Heading to the supermarket later in the day may help reduce the cost of your food shop, as one TikToker points out that many food suppliers will reduce the prices of items that are nearing their sell-by date.

As for what time of day supermarkets slash their prices, this is sometimes first thing in the morning but usually nearer closing time. Some shoppers on MoneySavingExpert.com have said that Aldi and Co-op reduce their prices from around 8pm, whilst over at Asda and Sainsbury's this is typically done at 7pm.

M&S food shoppers should keep an eye out for price reductions between 5pm and 7pm, and those who regularly shop at Tesco will want to go as close to closing time as possible for the best bargains. On the other hand, shoppers at Lidl and Morrisons say prices are reduced towards the start of the day – so early birds will catch the worm in this case!

Look at the lower shelf

This one seems like such a simple solution, we're surprised we haven't thought of it before. When doing your food shop, look at how the items on the bottom shelf compare in price to those kept at eye-line – you may be surprised by how much money you can save simply by crouching down at the supermarket.

Make what you can

As well as making sure you utilise all of your leftover produce – like turning those ready-for-the-bin bananas into banana bread – you can also find plenty of TikTok guides on how to make your own cleaning products using stuff you'll likely already have at home.

TikTok hacks to lower the price of your bills

Be as energy efficient as possible

When it comes to energy, we're all guilty of using more than we need sometimes. That's why it's more important than ever to make simple changes and cut costs. Just take a look at this TikToker who explains that only boiling enough water to make one cup of tea and reducing how often you open up the fridge can have a massive impact on your energy bill.

Double up

Much like how you'd prep a week of meals if you're on a health and fitness hype, batch cook food where possible to save on electricity costs. As this TikToker says, if you know you'll likely have potatoes for tea on more than one day, cook a whole batch and heat them up later in the week.

Get ahead of the October price hike

As the colder months draw in, many of us will be tempted to put the heating on. But as prices are expected to skyrocket in October, savvy TikTokers have pointed out the alternatives to keep yourself warm without the high-cost of heating.

You might be owed a tax refund

As well as saving costs where you can, you may be entitled to receive some extra cash from the government. To find out if you've overpaid on tax – and are therefore due a tax rebate – follow the instructions here...

Remember, you may also be entitled to receive the government's 'cost of living payment', which you can find more details on here. If you're struggling with your bills, you can also speak to a number of charities – including Turn2us and the Independent Food Aid Network – set up to help those during the cost of living crisis, as well as debt-management charities like Step Change.

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