This TikTok Hack Shows You How To Peel Garlic In A Snap And It’s Blowing Our Minds

Kelly Allen
·1 min read

From Delish

We can’t resist a good TikTok hack, and the latest one that’s shocking the internet will help you peel garlic in seconds. It involves one cut and one swift peel. Yes, that’s it! Oh, and you will also need a bit of strength.

TikToker @olivares.barce posted the original video that people are dueting to give their reactions and test out the hack to see if it works. In the video, a bulb of garlic is cut horizontally and placed facedown on the table. The flat, smooth side of a giant knife is then smashed on top of it. After that forceful motion, the peel can be removed in one swift go.

People in the comments pointed out that the video looks edited and, well, it does. You can see the garlic in the back of the video move right when the knife is lifted up. Since there’s a clear editing sitch, the people of TikTok tried it themselves. The hack seemed to work for TikToker @buannldsma.

Skeptics are still concerned about the editing, but the real info is in the comments. “As a chef, I’m starting to think what common knowledge I thought I had are actually hacks,” one person wrote. Other people have confirmed that they do this, and others are simply mind-blown.

As with anything you see on the internet, you really have to try it out yourself to confirm what the deal is. Maybe it will change your life. Maybe you’ll never be strong enough to smash the knife on it. In any case, it’s a small way to pass some time.

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