TikTok is freaking out over a New York apartment with a ‘nauseating’ design: ‘My head is hurting’

A New York City apartment is going viral on TikTok — and for all the wrong reasons.

The three-bedroom unit, located at 21 Fort Washington Avenue, has an interior layout that has viewers scratching their heads.

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It’s the latest unusual apartment to draw millions of views on TikTok. In recent months, users have gone viral after sharing a house with giant “witches stairs” and a home located “underneath” an amusement park ride. In particular, New York apartments have gotten plenty of attention — including an “insane” one-room studio and one woman’s amazingly cheap pre-war two-bedroom.

This latest apartment tour comes courtesy of user @rentnewyork. In their video, which has nearly 6 million views, the TikToker takes viewers inside the “nauseating” unit.

“My head is hurting,” @rentnewyork captioned their clip.

In the video, @rentnewyork shows a layout filled with slanted, tight corners and strange, difficult angles. Many users questioned how anyone could manage to move furniture into the unit — let alone live there.

“How is any room unusable?” one user asked.

“Imagine trying to find the bathroom at night,” another added.

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“Why have nine walls when you can have 37!” another user joked.

According to the apartment listing, the unit has six rooms and 1.5 bathrooms. The rent is $2,950 per month. As of Aug. 12, the apartment has been on the market for just three days, so it remains to be seen if @rentnewyork’s TikTok will help or hurt its chances of getting filled.

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