TikTok is freaking out over a 'military sleep hack' for falling asleep in just 2 minutes: 'It definitely works'

TikTok is freaking out over a “military sleep hack” that claims it can help you fall asleep in just two minutes.

The trick, which military pilots have studied and utilized for years, has gained a wider appeal thanks to TikToker Justin Agustin(@justin_agustin). In a now-viral clip, the internet-famous fitness coach explained what makes the trick so fascinating.

Many TikTokers were blown away by the concept, and some said they were excited to try it.

“I’m a military brat and was taught this,” one user explained. “It definitely works.”

“I’m trying it tonight,” another user wrote.

“I almost fell asleep watching this,” another added.

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Why is the military sleep hack important?

At least one-third of all Americans don’t get enough sleep, according to the CDC.

Making sure you have the time for a full night’s rest (experts recommend at least seven hours) plays a huge role in how alert you are during waking hours — but so does falling asleep in the first place.

If you’re someone who feels like you’re always rolling around in bed, letting your mind race while you struggle to nod off, then this short, simple hack is worth a shot.

The method, which is reportedly used by the U.S. military, was proven in one study to help 96% of fighter pilots fall asleep within just two minutes, according to Business Insider. Here’s how it works.

Military sleep hack: A step-by-step guide

1. Relax: Starting by slowly relaxing the muscles in your face. Then, move down to the muscles in your arms and finally your legs.

2. Breathe: Make sure your shoulders and hands are also relaxed and take some deep breaths. Don’t forget to exhale slowly!

3. Clear your mind: Try to let your mind go blank. A tip for this is to picture yourself in a peaceful, serene setting — such as laying in a meadow or sitting by a gentle ocean breeze.

If done right, this technique can help you get to sleep faster — but you have to practice! It might not work the first time around, but it’s worth a few tries if you have trouble getting to bed.

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