This TikTok filter claims to tell people when they’ll get pregnant

A new filter on TikTok is quickly becoming popular after claiming to tell people the exact moment when important life moments will happen.

There are several situations the filter can answer for you, such as, “I will become rich in…,” or “He/She’ll cheat on me in…,” and “My life will change in…”

With all the options available, there is one event that users can’t wait to know when it will happen: “I will be pregnant in….”

TikTokers are using this filter to see when they’ll be with child, and the reactions differ across the board. Even couples have been on different sides, with some wanting a baby soon and others willing to wait.

“If he ain’t excited like this that’s a red flag,” said @hoodfairykass.

Others haven’t shown the same level of excitement over what the filter has told them.

“That was a real jump scare,” said @santiswifey.

“The moment you saw 10 months you was gone,” said @tsmierra.

This effect was created by @azjeffects, who also made several viral filters — including one about the months of the year.

Aside from finding out when they’ll be pregnant, users are also trying to figure out other big life events.

“If y’all break up I’m done with true love…,” replied @kateclaussen.

Although it’s clear a filter can’t accurately determine when and how TikTokers’ lives will play out, using it as a potential sign of what’s to come next is intriguing to users.

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