TikTok is fascinated by Amish teens’ Rumspringa party: ‘I feel like I’m watching something illegal’

Most Americans know very little about the realities of growing up Amish, but Johnny Detweiler (@johnnydetweiler4) is trying to change that.

The Amish teen, who lives in Smock, Pennsylvania, frequently takes outsiders behind the scenes of his day-to-day life on TikTok and YouTube, where he has a combined following of more than 100,000 people.

Right now, one of his videos is going viral for offering a rare glimpse into a common Amish tradition known as Rumspringa, which shows a very different side to Amish life that most people might not expect.

In the clip, Johnny appears to be sitting inside a barn as he and other Amish teens hang out, chat and even sip some cans of Twisted Tea. But while nothing particularly noteworthy happens during the brief clip, it’s the very fact that TikTokers are seeing Amish teens being, well, regular teens that seems to have captured their interest.

“idk what I did to end up on Amish TikTok but I’m here for it,” one person wrote in the comments.

“I feel like I’m watching something illegal,” said another.

“what happens at rumspringa stays at rumspringa,” added someone else.

Rumspringa literally means “running around” and refers to a period of adolescence in the Amish community that starts when a person turns 16. Within the community, that milestone is a pretty big one and signals a relaxing of rules and more freedom to interact with others in their age group.

Contrary to popular belief, though, Rumspringa isn’t actually about “going wild” and leaving the Amish community for some big, faraway city. Instead, its central purpose is supposed to be about finding an ideal marriage partner by getting to know their peers in more relaxed and informal settings.

That said, it’s clear that many Amish teens use this time to explore some things that were previously “off-limits.” At least, that’s what Detweiler’s social media accounts appear to show.

In many of his posts, Detweiler’s followers write supportive comments and thank him for being “real.”

“Living the real good life man,” one TikToker wrote in a comment. “Thanks for showing us what a good life looks like.”

In others, they marvel at some of the things Detweiler does with his friends that other typical American teens do, too — like take rides around town listening to rap music. (The only difference, of course, is that Amish kids do it in a horse and buggy.)

“My parents work with Amish and one of the teenagers asked them for a vape lol,” one commenter shared. “Amish teenagers are still teenagers!”

In addition to his social media following, Johnny Detweiler is also becoming known for his appearances in the TLC show, Return to Amish, since he dates one of the show’s central characters, Rosanna Miller. And by the looks of things on TikTok, the two appear to be going strong.

“Rosanna!!!” one TikToker commented on a post of the couple. “I’m so happy for you you seem very happy with Johnny.”

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