TikTok is ‘creeped out’ by this abandoned mansion: ‘This screams haunted’

A $1.6 million mansion for sale in Florida is raising eyebrows on TikTok because of its strange interior.

TikTok user @zillowtastrophes documents unusual listings on Zillow, a real estate index. In one of their posts, they found a huge estate with some uncommon features. It was a 14,939-square-foot, two-story home in Panama City, Fla. with four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

“I have been racking my brain to figure out what this house was used for and I just can’t figure it out,” @zillowtastrophes said in the video.

@zillowtastrophes scanned through photos of the home. Most of it appeared to be used as storage space — there were some abandoned antiques, a kitchen with carpeting, mysterious electrical wiring in every room and some of it was boarded up.

Grab your skillet and say cheese!:

“I say get out,” @zillowtastrophes said.

The video received 7.7 million views as TikTokers tried to guess what the house was for.

“I forgot her name but it was a rich old lady she used that all as closet space,” someone speculated.

“I wasn’t creeped out until I saw the carpeting on the kitchen floor,” another said.

“This screams haunted,” a user commented.

In a follow-up video, @zillowtastrophes revealed the house belonged to an old woman named Mary Sue Eubank, a Panama City businesswoman who passed away in 2019. Eubank was a fan of designer clothes and antique furniture, which may explain why so much of her home was storage space.

“This was just to store her clothes,” the TikToker revealed. “Apparently, each of these closets was for a different accessory.”

The carpeting in the kitchen turned out to be because Eubanks used a wheelchair. So while it may not have been haunted, it’s still pretty eccentric to use a home that big as a giant closet.

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