TikTok Celebrates Small Businesses With Partnership and Workshop Announcement

According to recent survey data from TikTok, more than half of TikTok users said they have discovered new brands and products while using the platform — and 58 percent of business owners said the platform has positively affected their businesses, allowing owners to connect directly with consumers.

In light of National Small Business Week, TikTok is highlighting how its platform can be a game-changer in the discovery and growth specifically for small businesses. The platform’s initiative includes two partnerships, educational workshops and spotlights of some of the 5 million businesses that thrive on TikTok, throughout May. In a statement, the company said they have seen and will share small businesses that “create joyful, authentic content and translate their TikTok communities to real-world economic impact.”

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Among the many thriving small businesses that will be highlighted on TikTok this month is Jessica Tran, founder of JT Mobile Detailing, who reports that 60 percent of her customers choose her car detailing shop after seeing her on TikTok and Sam Sears, owner and operator of Aztaco King, who grew their business from a food cart into two restaurants in less than six months.

“Every day, we see incredible examples of people discovering new small businesses on TikTok, and these stories not only warm our hearts, but they represent the real-world economic growth generated for communities across the country,” said Becca Sawyer, global head of SMB for TikTok. “More than 5 million American businesses turn to TikTok to take us inside their world in a fun authentic way, and as a result, they are reaching new customers, hiring more employees and growing their business.”

TikTok’s newest partnerships include the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, to elevate entrepreneurship in the Latin community, and Black Girl Ventures to invest in Black and Brown women and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Notably, the company previously partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to launch Creciendo con on TikTok. Antonio Tijerino, president and chief executive officer of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, said the platform continues to be an “important resource for Latino small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed because it connects culture, community, business and education.”

“From the young entrepreneurs building the next big thing to chefs sharing comforting and exciting recipes, thousands of Latino business owners have been able to fuel their livelihoods through storytelling on TikTok,” Tijerino said. “Our partnership with TikTok will further empower the Latino business community with fun and useful tools to grow their businesses and create sustained economic growth to benefit future generations.”

“By partnering with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Black Girl Ventures and launching virtual workshops and new product features, we’re doubling down on our commitment to building an inclusive and supportive platform where small business owners and entrepreneurs can share their story, find their audience and drive real business results,” Sawyer said.

In addition to the new partnerships, TikTok’s four-week virtual workshops, starting on May 10, will offer businesses of any size, and at any stage, the opportunity to learn how to use TikTok’s tools to find audiences and grow. The TikTok Takeoff Webinar Series will highlight stories to learn from, strategies and advice of SMBs who have taken off on TikTok.

To engage and support small businesses, TikTok will encourage its users to search the hashtag #smallbusiness throughout May.

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