TikTokers blown away by 5-year-old DJ's ridiculous skills: 'That boy is a genius'

The latest up-and-coming DJ taking TikTok by storm is still in elementary school.

Kingsley Rosario is a Virginia-based musician with more than 78,000 followers on TikTok and another 25,000 followers on Instagram. Though you’d never know it by listening to his music, the gifted drummer and DJ is actually just 5 years old.

Kingsley has been making music since he was just a toddler. According to his mom Brittany, he first expressed interested in the drums at 15 months old, and was gifted his first drum set a few months later. The prodigy started experimenting with programs like Drum Pad Machine, Drum Pads 24 and iMaschine within the last year — and thanks to social media, he has already amassed quite an impressive fan base.

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On Feb. 11, Brittany posted one of Kingsley’s beats to TikTok where it quickly blew up. Even she couldn’t believe how good the song sounded — as she listened to her son’s music in the video, her face showed disbelief (and also, of course, pride).

Kingsley’s beat, which has received nearly 2 million likes on TikTok, has caught the attention of several major musicians, including Lil Yachty and FINNEAS. Thousands of commenters have also praised the young talent and encouraged him to never give up on something he so clearly has such a knack for.

“Some people are just born with so much talent wow,” one person said.

“That boy is a genius,” another added.

“Please encourage this talent!” a third wrote. “He’s awesome! We would buy this for sure!”

In an interview with In The Know, Brittany said that the social media response to Kingsley’s music has been “nothing short of amazing,”

“He is getting likes and views from people all over the world,” she said. “He has legitimate fans now. It’s awesome!”

Brittany also added reassuringly that she is fully supportive of Kingsley’s music career and hopes that he will take his talents all the way to Hollywood one day.

“I see [Kingsley’s] music taking him far beyond his and our wildest dreams,” she said. “We already knew the amazing talent he is, but for that to now be shared with the world is truly a blessing. We see him being a major influence in the music industry at a young age and beyond!”

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