This TikTok of Anne Hathaway Dancing at Valentino’s After-Party Is Rightfully Going Viral

This TikTok of Anne Hathaway Dancing at Valentino’s After-Party Is Rightfully Going Viral

Anne Hathaway is going viral after her appearance at Valentino’s haute couture fashion show in Paris in late January—not just for her wild outfit but for her dance moves. TikTok user Kerrosene shared footage of Anne dancing at the fashion house’s after-party. Nearly 20 million people watched and obsessed over Anne’s partying spirit and great looks.

“How do I party with Anne Hathaway?” one user wrote. “She’s actually aging BACKWARDS,” another added. Anne just turned 40 in November.

Hathaway shared an Instagram of herself at Valentino’s show, writing simply, “Oh, last night was fun. Thank you @pppiccioli and @maisonvalentino.”

And the star actually spoke about wanting to become a good dancer in her Interview profile in June 2022. Jessica Chastain asked her if there was any one skill she wanted to learn instantly.

Hathaway replied, “There’s plenty that I would love to crib off of you. You’re a wildly impressive yet incredibly approachable person. I feel so lucky we’re friends on multiple levels. But if I had to pick one skill that I could have instantly, it’s a tie between being a professional-level ballerina and being a concert-level pianist. Because that mind and that body and that strength and that ability to express yourself carry you through life. They both require such enormous intelligence and refinement and discipline, and that’s the way you interact with the world.”

When asked by Michelle Yeoh how she goes from goofy to gorgeous, Hathaway had this to say: “Oh! Gasp. I think it’s a trick that you know, too, and thank you for the compliment embedded in that question. So, goofy, there’s nothing I can do. It’s the way I was born. Gorgeous is the people I work with who specialize in making people look that way, but I also think I got really lucky. My very first big-deal role was directed by Garry Marshall, and if there ever has been a king of finding that sweet spot between goofy and gorgeous and how they complement each other, it’s him. That’s how I was introduced to the world at large, so maybe that was just the first impression I made. Great care was taken with me in that introduction, but for the most part, I think goofy is just a given. What can one do?”

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