TikToker showcases skin scanner that will tell you exactly where your next pimple will be: The 'Korean beauty industry will humble you'

After a visit to the dermatologist, one TikToker joked that the “Korean beauty industry will humble you.”

Impressed by the tech available at Areuke Spa in Hongdae, Korea, TikToker @rogerwh0 uploaded a video from his appointment. During it, the doctor used a scanner on his face that analyzed the condition of his skin.

“When you get your skin scanned in Korea and they can tell exactly where your next pimple is gonna be,” the video text read.

He shared footage of the dermatologist going over some very high-resolution photos of his skin.

“The camera caught some deep redness coming up on my bottom right cheek that ended up forming into a pimple two days later LOL,” he wrote in the comments.

Some TikTokers loved the idea, while others were less enthusiastic about the technology’s ability to hurt their feelings.

“My self esteem could never allow someone to take a picture that close,” a user said.

“Wow I’ve done this before in Greece!! Super detailed and analytical,” another replied.

“Not even a swat team could make me have my picture taken that close,” someone joked.

“I think I would cry,” a person commented.

“I would pay good money to never know this information,” a TikToker added.

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