TikToker behind viral tortilla trick reveals new food hack

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If you thought Tik Tok was only for Gen Z, Yumna Jawad (aka @feelgoodfoodie) might change your mind.

Eight years ago, Jawad was newly-married and a complete novice in the kitchen. Inspired by her own mom’s home cooking throughout her childhood, she decided she was going to learn. “I just picked up the phone and I started literally asking my mom question after question,” Jawad recalls to Yahoo Life.

As social media began to rise in popularity, she decided to share her journey to self-taught chef on Instagram. Hundreds of recipes and over 2 million followers later, Jawad is taking food trends to the next level on Tik Tok. Her viral spin on popular recipes like baked feta pasta and a mind-blowing tortilla hack have people racing to their kitchens.

But it wasn’t an effortless transition. Like much of the public, Jawad struggled to understand the video-based social media platform at first, saying, “Tik Tok was known for dancing and funny stuff and singing. And it turns out I can't sing, I can't dance and I'm not that funny. So I was like, let me just cook.” Her content took off, even gaining 20,000 followers in one day. So what is so special about Tik Tok? Jawad says it’s all about relatability. “You weren't just seeing beautiful images,” she explains, “you were seeing people in quarantine in their PJ's fighting with their spouses, eating banana bread, making whipped coffee.”

When faced with criticism that influencers are frivolous or shallow, Jawad has a simple response: “I think it's really powerful, especially those who find our tricks and our hints and our interactions and education really helpful.” And Jawad's family couldn't be more supportive. “She's my inspiration for everything,” says Jawad, referring to her mom, “[and] now my biggest fan, which is really cool to see it come full circle.”

With social media influencers in particular, the demand to churn out daily content has been a concern. “The pressure to continually discover and create new things is always high,” Jawad shares, “but at the same time, keeping it fun as well.” She maintains that finding inspiration and discovering new recipes is “just part of who I am.”

In the video above, Jawad shares her new breakfast hack: cloud eggs in a mug. You may have seen cloud eggs before, but not like this. This recipe is quarantine-friendly since it’s fast, easy and requires just a few ingredients. “It's the kind of thing that everyone can take and give their own interpretation to, with different toppings,” Jawad says.

Feel Good Foodie, Yumna Jawad show's off her cloud eggs in a mug recipe. (Photo: Yumna Jawad)
Feel Good Foodie, Yumna Jawad show's off her cloud eggs in a mug recipe. (Photo: Yumna Jawad)

See the recipe below to try it out!



  1. Crack the egg, and carefully place the whites only in a microwave safe bowl or mug. Keep the egg yolk inside the shells.

  2. Using a whisk or a handheld mixer or stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form.

  3. Microwave the egg whites in the bowl or mug for 25 seconds.

  4. Place the egg yolk carefully in the middle of the cooked egg whites, and return to the microwave for 20 more seconds, or more depending on desired level of doneness.

  5. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with toast, avocado or in the bowl/mug, if desired.

Jawad likes to plate her cloud eggs with toast and avocado to give it a 'fancy' feel. (Photo: Yumna Jawad)
Jawad likes to plate her cloud eggs with toast and avocado to give it a 'fancy' feel. (Photo: Yumna Jawad)

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