Tik Tok sensation Tabitha Brown proves 'anything can be baconized' with this new recipe

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Vegan bacon has been all over TikTok for months, and there's one woman you can thank for that: Tabitha Brown. Brown shared a video on how to make carrot bacon, and it exploded online — one TikTok she created has more than 2 million views. While Brown says that "anything can be baconized," she likes to make her vegan bacon with trumpet mushrooms and carrots. Want to try it at home? Watch the video above for the recipe!

Video Transcript

TABITHA BROWN: When I went vegan, honey, I had never even heard of vegan bacon before, OK? I was very new to it and trying to figure it all out. When I did, I loved it. And of course, I did the video. It went viral. And I've been hooked on a good old vegan BLT since then.

Well, hello there. I am Tabitha Brown. I have been vegan four years. My page, I'm all about love and positivity and good food and humor and laughter and kindness.

Of course, I love to cook, and people really tune in for that. What I'm gonna show you is how to make a BLT with a twist. Everything can be baconized, as I found out, OK?

We have carrots, like so, like that. And then these are the trumpet mushrooms. You see how they look? I always just feel like [TRUMPET NOISE].

You take the carrot, put a little pressure, and we shave it. Kind of looks like a little bit of bacon. We're gonna also use a little bit of the mushroom. We're gonna cut this real thin. If you cut it too thick, the texture ain't gonna be right. You see how thin those are?

Now, the seasoning is what it's all about. I am so excited to introduce you to my seasoning, Sunshine. The goal is to bring sunshine into people's lives every day.

Go ahead and put you some in a bowl. A little bit of maple syrup, liquid aminos, and then a little bit of liquid smoke. This is what's going to give you the seasoning of, like, bacon.

Put your mushrooms on in there. And you let it sit in there for a couple of minutes, and let it marinate real good. The mushroom is so great because it is like a sponge, it just be [SUCKING] sucking it on in there. You be, like, oh, OK, seasoning. Then go on into the mushroom then.

I put it in the air fryer for about 12 minutes. Carrots, you only need about five minutes. Dun-du-du-daaah. This is how it looks when you're done.

This is the BLT. This one is your carrot-bacon. And this is your mushroom-bacon. Isn't it beautiful?

Now, you know my favorite part is tasting. Uh-huh. It got to be. Wait, you gotta listen for the crunch.




Well, honey, that's it. And that's how you Taste The Trend. Mhm.