Tiger King Season 2 Announced By Netflix

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No, the last year and a half haven't all been just a bad dream, but Tiger King season 2 sure makes it seem like time is a flat circle and we're in a never ending hellscape. Too dramatic? Not according to social media.

Netflix announced Tiger King will return with a season two that “promises just as much mayhem and madness as Season 1.” According to Deadline the show comes amid a new true crime lineup on the streaming platform set for 2022 release. It's unclear when Tiger King season 2 will come out, or what the angle will be.

The initial docuseries focused around Joe Exotic, a former zoo owner and wildcat collector. The show documented the downfall of his zoo, his feud with cat rescue owner Carole Baskin, and his eventual prison sentence. Joe Exotic is currently serving a prison sentence for attempting to have Baskin killed. The show was met with fervent interest, and just as fervent criticism — it highlighted an upsetting and potentially abusive scenario for animals without delving into the larger industry of using big cats for entertainment or personal acclaim. And while it was obvious in many cases that some of the tigers we saw on the show were being mistreated, that wasn't ever really discussed, nor was the issue of animal rights.

But the show came at just the right time: It premiered shortly after the United States went into lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many people suddenly found themselves at home, without work, and sequestered from their social lives. The outside world felt strange and scary and different, and Tiger King mirrored those exact feelings — why not invest hours in a docuseries about a man named Joe Exotic who has a bleach-blonde mullet and is involved in a murder-for-hire scheme amid the backdrop of big cats? Yeah, it's weird, but so was everything else.

Now, we have a somewhat better understanding of COVID-19, we have vaccines to protect us, and though the pandemic is very much still happening, we've largely evolved into a new normal. And many on social media are pointing out that they don't want to revisit those weeks in March 2020 by seeing more Tiger King.

Some on social media are also wondering whether the new season of Tiger King will appropriately address animal welfare concerns.

Just know that when Tiger King season two hits your screens, it's not because you dreamed the last year and we're still in March 2020. We've moved on. Will the show be the culture-dominating force it was then? Only time will tell.

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