Tiffany Trump enters political spotlight with impassioned speech at RNC

Tiffany Trump, President Trump’s youngest daughter, entered the political spotlight on Tuesday with an impassioned speech during the Republican National Convention.

Video Transcript

TIFFANY TRUMP: Speaking at the Republican convention four years ago, so much has changed for the world, for our country, and for my family. Like so many students across the world, I graduated from law school during the pandemic. Our generation is unified in facing the future in uncertain times, and many of us are considering what kind of country we want to live in. As a recent graduate, I can relate to so many of you who might be looking for a job. My father built a thriving economy once, and believe me, he will do it again.

This election, I urge each and every one of you to transcend political boundaries. This is a fight for freedom versus oppression, for opportunity versus stagnation, a fight to keep America true to America. I urge you to make judgment based on results and not rhetoric.

If you believe in criminal justice reform, there is only one president that passed the First Step Act, giving people a second chance, a chance at a life once again. And if you believe in expanding quality and affordable health care, only President Trump-- my father-- signed the Right to Try into law, the favored nations clause, and other actions to lower drug prices and keep Americans from getting ripped off.