Tickets For Olivia Rodrigo's New Tour Are Going To Go Fast

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Big, big news for Olivia Rodrigo fans: She’s going on a world tour. While the pop star hit it big with her first ever tour last year—The SOUR Tour—this will be her first arena tour. That means she’ll perform at huge venues like Madison Square Garden, Kia Forum, Sportpaleis, and The O2.

The 20-year-old singer *just* dropped the big news on social media, a few days after her new album hit streaming services. And, naturally, fans are freaking out. In fact, I’m pretty sure this comment from one excited fan on Olivia's IG announcement sums it all up: “HOLY SH*T THANK YOU.”

Okay, but what is happening with the tour? When does it start? Where will it go? Here’s everything we know about Olivia’s world tour right now, and how you can get your hands on some tickets.

What is Olivia’s new tour called?

Olivia’s new tour is called the GUTS world tour, and it carries the same name as her second album. “Soooo excited to announce the GUTS world tour!!!!” Olivia wrote on Instagram. “Register for ticket access at and stay tuned for more dates coming soon!!! ❤️💗💜💙”

Some notable songs from the new album include bangers that were released early as singles, like "vampire"and "bad idea right?" These were followed by newer hits like "lacy" and "ballad of a homeschooled girl."

When does the tour start?

The tour will kick off next year while it's still winter. Specifically, Olivia’s first show will be on February 23 in Palm Springs, California.

And just a PSA to Olivia’s friends and family: She’s going to be booked pretty much solid from February through the end of summer. The tour schedule is intense and very, very packed.

Which cities are part of the tour?

A lot, actually. Here’s a breakdown of her US tour dates, but note that she will also be touring in the UK, Ireland, and more.

It’s also worth noting—and plenty of people have already talked about it online—but while Olivia is calling this a “world tour,” she’s not hitting up spots in South America, Latin America, Australia, or Africa. Maybe next year?

  • Feb 23 – Palm Springs, CA

  • Feb 24 – Phoenix, AZ

  • Feb 27 – Houston, TX

  • Feb 28 – Austin, TX

  • March 1 – Dallas, TX

  • March 2 – New Orleans, LA

  • March 5 – Orlando, FL

  • March 6 – Miami, FL

  • March 8 – Charlotte, NC

  • March 9 – Nashville, TN

  • March 12 – St. Louis, MO

  • March 13 – Omaha, NE

  • March 15 – St. Paul, MN

  • March 16 – Milwaukee, WI

  • March 19 – Chicago, IL

  • March 22 – Columbus, OH

  • March 23 – Detroit, MI

  • April 1 – Boston, MA

  • April 5 and 6– New York, NY

  • July 19 – Philadelphia, PA

  • July 20 – Washington, DC

  • July 23 – Atlanta, GA

  • July 24 – Lexington, KY

  • July 26 – Kansas City, MO

  • July 27 – Oklahoma City, OK

  • July 30 – Denver, CO

  • July 31 – Salt Lake City, UT

  • Aug 2 – San Francisco, CA

  • Aug 6 – Seattle, WA

  • Aug 10 – Portland, OR

  • Aug 13 and 14 – Los Angeles, CA

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets for Olivia’s tour will follow a similar lottery-style format that’s been used for a lot of big concert tickets lately. You can register in advance with Ticketmaster by September 17 at 10 pm ET for the chance to get a code to buy tickets. After that, pre-sale tickets go live on Ticketmaster on September 20 at 3 pm ET.


“Fans are to register ahead of tickets going on sale to help block bots, reduce resale, and get more tickets directly into the hands of fans who want to attend the show,” Ticketmaster says online.

Are there any spoilers?

As of right now, not really. However, Olivia said during an interview with Capital FM that she wrote a lot of the songs on GUTS with a tour in mind. “I wanted people to be able to scream in a crowd,” she said. “Hopefully, that’s what’s achieved.”

Stay tuned for more updates on GUTS as they become available.

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