Tiago Lemos Delivers: From Iconic NYC Gems And Beyond, No Spot Is Safe From This Powerhouse

He's just the best. It doesn't matter if you're the most hesh DIY, backyard pool destroyer, the hungriest stair/rail chomper, casual cruiser—whatever. Everyone can appreciate what Tiago Lemos does on a skateboard.

The dude has a flavor of his own and skates with so much power and style, I swear anything he does is immediately dope. And that's partially because it's simply true! Never unimpressed, never disappointed—Tiago provides.

This little postcard from NYC was a real gem. Switch five-0s and switch nosegrinds down handrails, long, strong ledge tricks (as always), some bump-to-bar action and so much more. Lots more, in fact! All boxes are checked, and the dude is just cruising around like any other day.

Even the random flatground clips are brag-worthy! Damn. From some of the most iconic NYC spots to the streets themselves, look both ways before you cross if you see Tiago pushing around. This skateboarding powerhouse ain't messing around!

Video / @eric_iwakura @independenttrucks

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