Tiago Lemos Is Untouchable and This Instagram Compilation is Stacked With Bangers (Watch)

It's the Insta compilation we've all been waiting for. Tiago Lemos blesses us with heavy clips fairly often—sometimes it’s a quick hit, sometimes it’s a few lines, often it’s an undeniable banger—but seeing them edited together here is a real treat. I've been waiting for someone to do this!

This is literally a video part. No filler here. Tiago is on a level of his own.

Some of these spots are spots only Tiago could skate. The double switch back tail line? Too good. Only Tiago. He’s been keeping busy this year and the flame is clearly staying lit—look at this dude!

Coast to coast, country to country, Tiago is the type of skater that really only comes around so often. His style can’t be emulated, his pop is untouchable and the way he takes his slides and grinds the distance is admirable, to say the least.

Never holding back. Never falling short. Always blowing minds.

Simple as that.

We're lucky to have skaters like Tiago out there keeping us on our toes. This is what full effort looks like. This is precision, strength, talent.

I'm just going to say—if this little edit doesn’t get you fired up, check your eyes! I mean, personally, I can hardly relate—he’s just too gnarly. But let’s just say he gives us something to strive for…time and time again.

Video / @pekkaaa @nbnumeric

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