Thrifter stunned by ‘Antiques Roadshow’ appraisal on ‘mystery’ $6 gold necklace: ‘The best thrifted thing of all time’

It can be tempting to label an awesome thrift store find as the greatest of all time — there are so many hidden treasures, after all. But this discovery may truly be the thrift store GOAT.

In a recent post, one Redditor shared that they found a necklace for $6.10. The item is now listed on “Antiques Roadshow” for $50,000 to $60,000.

The story began a year ago when the original poster took to r/ThriftStoreHauls to post about their recent find, which they described as, “My best thrift find ever, 18k gold necklace with 82 diamonds.”

“Jeweler said at least $2,000 in gold but it’s hard to get an accurate weight because of the stones,” they added. “I am taking it back on Monday for further testing.”

After getting the necklace professionally appraised, the estimated value came in at $45,000.

“It is 18k gold imported to France between 1893-1990,” the lucky thrifter wrote. “Other than that info, it is still a mystery. Stylistically, it looks European, I would guess 1850-1910 for when it was actually made.”

Now, finally, the journey is complete as the necklace has made it onto the PBS program “Antiques Roadshow,” with an estimated value of $50,000 to $60,000. It is described on the show as, “Emerald, Diamond & Gold Necklace, ca. 1895.”

How this necklace made it into a thrift store with the (oddly specific) price of $6.10 is anybody’s guess. Regardless, it has made the other Redditors very envious.

“This frickin’ necklace will haunt my every thrift store jewelry rummage, forever,” wrote one commenter.

“This has got to literally be the best thrifted thing of all time on this sub,” another added.

Thrifting can be a great way to find the things you want for a reasonable price without generating the need for single-use plastics and new materials that go into new products. It also saves perfectly good items — such as five-figure jewelry pieces — from ending up in landfills.

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