PFT OT on Yahoo Sports: Which teams should regret not signing Cam Newton

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio and NBC Sports' Peter King discuss the great start by Patriots quarterback, and then list the teams that are kicking themselves for not signing the former MVP.

Video Transcript


MIKE FLORIO: Time for some PFT on Yahoo Sports. Peter King and Mike Florio looking at some of the biggest stories in the National Football League. And Peter King, one of the biggest stories so far this season, the performance of Cam Newton. Healthy, effective, and easily could have been 2 and 0 in what would have been a significant win at Seattle.

They still have plenty of things to feel good about in New England. The question for today, how many teams should feel bad about the fact that they didn't pursue Cam Newton when he was available to be signed by anyone until just before the 4th of July holiday?

PETER KING: See, I don't think there is one team that you could say, oh my god, they blew it. I will look at three teams, Mike, and I will say I think every one of them has a workable-- somewhere between a workable and good quarterback situation. But what's the object of the game in the NFL? The object of the game is to get the best team you can, one to 53.

So if you are the Jacksonville Jaguars, I don't care how much in love you are with Gardner Minshew. That is a place where there was a crying need for depth at the quarterback position. That's number one. Whether he would have beaten out Minshew in the summer, I think he probably would have. But, you know, there is one.

Number two is the Cleveland Browns. You know, I think we all are-- we all get caught up in saying, well, let's be fair to the guy we drafted first overall. Well, OK, that's fine. You've seen him for two years, are you positive? No, you're not positive. So bring in a guy to stick the little bird at him. That's what I would have done had I were-- had I were Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns.

Then the third one, as much as they will hate to hear it, is the Denver Broncos. Because I know how much you want Drew Lock to get a clean landing strip and, you know, to be able to sink or swim on his own. I get that. But especially in an era when you don't know if you have the long term guy, you think you do, but you don't know.

If I were Denver, I would have brought Cam in to see, hey, go at it in training camp and let the best man win.

MIKE FLORIO: He's clearly better than a lot of guys who currently are starters. The problem is most teams already have their plans. They have the financial commitment. You can't bring in Cam Newton, assuming he's healthy, and that was one of the big reasons why teams weren't lining up to sign him. They didn't know when he was going to be healthy or if he was going to stay healthy.

But if you bring him in, and he starts showing up at practice, and he's overshadowing the guy that you've built your salary cap around, that you've invested the big draft pick in and you are potentially going to impede that guy's development by having a locker room that's split on whether or not Cam Newton should be playing, that's why teams stayed away. But I've got a few teams that stand out to me. I agree with you on the Browns.

Look, Baker Mayfield was better week two, week one, he looked lost. There's a reason why Freddie Kitchens got fired, and one of the reasons is Baker Mayfield regressed badly last year. Cam Newton would be an upgrade, frankly. The Bears, instead of paying the money for Nick Foles and trading for Nick Foles, pay it to Cam Newton. Let him compete with Mitchell Trubisky.

He'd be the starter right now, and they'd probably still be 2 and 0, all due respect to Trubisky and the Bears. And also the Jets, right? Now, the question is, when do you throw Sam Darnold overboard? But again, this is a guy that was inherited by Adam Gase. And Cam Newton, right now, a better quarterback.

But the key is, was he healthy? But if you're the Jets and you have to deal eventually with Newton twice, you'd be better off having him as your quarterback instead of having to deal with him. He makes your offense better, and it gives you a better chance to contend with the Patriots.

PETER KING: All five of the teams that we talked about, Mike, would not have had a big issue salary cap-wise. Because it was obvious that Cam Newton was going to come in for not very much money. So I think, in a football sense, any of those five would have been a-- would have been a smart place.

MIKE FLORIO: Let me add a sixth one on the way out the door. Maybe the Panthers should have just kept Cam Newton after all, all due respect to Teddy Bridgewater. But they had Cam for 19 million, they're paying Teddy 22. Based on what I've seen so far, I'll take Cam. We'll see you next time, PFT on Yahoo Sports. Thanks for some of your time, and have a great day.